Hi Tara! just wanted you to know that as before, your predictions are bearing out. You predicted international travel for me in the next few months and I will be making a trip to Argentina in January as well as a trip to Israel at the end of February.

Thanks!  S.P.


Wow”!  You talked about writing and health care and I have a Master’s Degree in Health Systems.  My passion is making Government healthcare work for those who need it by getting rid of crazy regulations and changing our systems from the medical model to the person centered model.  I was very successful in doing that in Colorado until politics got in the way.I appreciated the message of be discerning as to where I am applying in order to feed that passion.  I lost that the past few months and was applying everywhere.  That end and the next stop – fixing the VA!  I rewatched it and am amazed at how you nailed me.  You talked a lot about holistic medicine and that is part of my goal is to integrate aroma therapies and reiki into more government provided car.

You have an amazing gift so testimonial away”! Viki
“I am blown away by my session with Tara Ventura.  Her counsel and wisdom was exactly what I needed.  She confirmed many aspects of myself that I was too timid to “own,” allowing me to move into a more confident space to in allowing my intuitive gifts.  Tara weaves a unique tapestry of numerology, tarot, and her profound intuitive gifts together to create beautiful wisdom.  Since our session, I have moved more freely and with more confidence on my spiritual path.  Tara’s warm and loving kindness created the perfect, safe space for our session.  I have wholeheartedly “.  Tracy King, Austin TX
“Tara, you gave me a reading last March, maybe April. In our reading you told me:
– You had a strong feeling regarding the East Coast 
– Something to do with the color orange (burnt orange) 
– I would be offered a job with a promotion attached to it with more benefits than usual 
– That the change would happen in May, but the move would happen in July
I want to let you know the following:
– I am currently in NY (my husband is working here for the month of May) and I got a job in Virginia (East Coast). 
– I accepted a position with a a school where the school colors are burnt orange and blue. When I first saw the posting for this position, the orange really stuck out to me. 
– The job comes with a lot more benefits than usual including free housing and board for me and my family. Also, the job I accepted I is for a one year basis, they are interested in training me to take a higher position by the end of the year. 
– I was offered the job in May and will need to be moved into my apartment by July 1st. I will start work on August, but part of my on boarding will take place in July. 
You were spot-on with this reading. I wanted to let you know that your guidance really helped me. This winter was a very difficult time for. Thanks for sharing your gift with me”.  Meghan

“Hi Tara,
You did a reading for me last Friday afternoon at Natures Treasures. In that meeting, you predicted a big change in my work life. At the time, I thought it was related to my new project. Today we received news that they want to move the office closer to downtown. This after being in our current building, which we own, for 25 years. (Me for 20 of them). This is a huge change which you seemed to pick up on.
I thought you might want to have this validation. I remember you being insistent about it.”  S.P. Austin Texas


My birthday reading and forecast of the year ahead with Tara was amazingly insightful. It was exciting she was able to see into past lives and tell me of my true gifts. She could illuminate the significance of the numbers in my name to reveal my nature, motivations and affirm my natural gifts and abilities. My favorite part was her asking intuitive questions with her pendulum to see what was coming up for my romantic life…and she sees it so clearly. Tara is very caring and positive and gave me confidence to pursue my direction. I would recommend her for anyone looking for intuitive guidance and understanding of their path. Barbara McMurtry, Austin, TX.
“Hi Tara
I just wanted to get with you on the reading you put out for this week. You were right on the dot. We are doing a u tube video this week we’re not sure how it will turn out although from your reading it seems that it will be a good venture.  🙂
Thank you!”  Martha P
“After the reading like last night to this morning, I was feeling excited, happy and relax like something great happen in my life as well.  
Thanks again and this was indeed a true eye opener.”  N. R. – Trinidad, Caribbean
Tara, Oh boy–I’m quite emotional and weepy after seeing your videos.  When you got to the Doreen Virtue cards, I really started to lose it.
Your videos were so fulfilling, like you hit every rubber marker in a pinball machine, and I kept hearing ding…ding…ding–it was amazingly spiritual.  And I thank you for doing what you were born to do in this lifetime, and that our paths crossed.  I have benefited deeply from your gift.  You are extraordinary, Tara, and quite healing.
I must tell you when you said you saw all these boxes, I almost fell off my chair.  The item I want to make and sell is a decorative storage box to store corrugated boxes that pile up after online shopping. I can’t believe you picked up on that!  You were like, what are all these boxes for, are you moving?, are you carting things around, or what?
When you said you saw food on the passenger seat of my car, it made me realize that if I ever do go forward with my homebound service career, they may ask me to pick up groceries on the way there.  I never really thought of that, so I’m glad you prepared me as it seems quite natural to their plight.  Starting slowly is the key, and I might start off on a voluntary basis till I get some experience.
It was very beautiful when you asked the pendulum if it was what I was saying or doing for these people that would help them.  I’m glad it was “doing” because I’m really not that chatty, and would much rather spend time creating something instead of conversing all day.  When you said it would be more of an energy exchange and that they could connect to that, it made me feel pretty good about starting it up.
You were right about so many things.  At the job that broke my heart, I didn’t get along with my male boss and female co-worker (she wouldn’t shut up!), and that’s why I left.  It was basically just the 3 of us, and they were both nuts.  I do need elbow room and need to do my own thing, like you said, which is very hard in an office.  I’m glad you shared a bit of your work history with me, because I too just pick up and leave when it starts to feel wrong.
I loved all your numerology explanations.   And it’s funny how the uneven numbers came up a lot–1, 5 and 9.  And I do love to organize and envision things.  All the tarot cards were spot on, too.  I have no idea what the spiritual union card will bring me, but hopefully it’s work-related.  Not really into romance anymore.
Well, I could go on forever, but I’ll stop here.  I want to thank you for the hug you said you wanted to give me and for all your loving kindness, which is so rare to find.  I feel so encouraged and supported to have been in your presence for the readings.  You are truly a blessing to me and others here who are trying to find their way.
God bless you and may the angels send you beautiful colors, sounds and fragrances, and also good people to surround you always.
Warmest regards,
Denise G. 😉
Tara, I loved the tarot/numerology reading you did with me!  I was astonished that the cards displayed the feelings I’ve had. Each card had a great deal of meaning to events that are going on in my life. The numbers were right on!  And your intuition was perfect.  I wanted a general reading to begin with, but when you laid out the cards, the questions came up.  Thank You, God Bless you”.  Ann Marie Rapaulo
“Spot On!  My vacation (you mentioned the RV/trailer in the Libra video) is in planning stages this month. I am taking a group to Hot Springs.  Amazing trip coming together & we will be in the place where the bio-crystalline shift will begin!!  Dianna Crystal Whisperer
“Tara Ventura’s Magical Matrix work helped me get clear on an internal shift happening in my personal and professional life. Tara’s ability to listen from her heart, and gently share insights with me from that same heart-centered space, confirmed and opened up possibilities for me I never knew existed”.  Mark Horn ~ “Liquid Life Soutions”
“Spot on intuition. Uncanny vision to unveil hidden blocks. Creates a wide swath of clarity… all while being positive, caring and uplifting. Gentle yet profound, a Magical Matrix session with Tara Ventura is a gift for which I’m grateful. Thanks, Tara, for an energetically enlivening session which opened many doors to make my dreams come true” .      Virginia Goszewska, Creator of Resolved for Results course and Author of Appreciate Yourself- You’re Worth It!
“Good morning Tara, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful information, and the work you did on my yesterday. WOW, you are incredible at what you do and your accuracy is amazing”!!  Tracy Schubert
Tara is an intuitive and energy healer who is clairvoyant, sensitive, powerfully dynamic and who worked with my strengths to help me create powerful manifestation from the universe and the divine in my life.  She is able to help with energy and chakra blockages and to visualize the future and the past as well as to help holographically bring you into your ideal manifestation of you true desires for the greatest good in your life.
I was at a point in my life where all that I had built had fallen down.  She has helped me to gain myself, self confidence and self reliance. I feel that I have uncovered the essence of myself and have discovered my life’s purpose through working with Tara.
She is truly magical and you will have the experience of a lifetime(s) in working with and envisioning your present and future with laughter, sensitivity and energetic healing. Why hesitate to be the best you can be when you can do so and have insight into your true awesome life’s purpose?  Tara can help you to become the you have always dreamed of through a magical and insightful envisioning that brings you into manifesting your dreams, changing the course of your life and creating miracles within yourself powerfully affecting and creating  the change that you want to see”.   Thank you Tara.   With Gratitude,  Leora  Gardner

“Tara, thank you so much for holding the Mastermind class! Before the class I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but was feeling frustrated because even after having made several changes in my life, I was not getting any closer to accomplishing my goals. Once I was in the class, through your guidance, I gained such clarity on my vision that the next steps became obvious. I am now several steps along, and am so happy that the life of my dreams is unfolding now. I highly recommend this class for anyone that has goals they would like to accomplish, or changes they would like to make in their lives. I will forever be grateful for participating because this has really served as a catalyst for a quantum leap in my life. Thanks, Tara!  Kacie Sladovnik


“I learned so much from taking Tara’s class.  I got wonderful information, and couldn’t wait for the next class to share my discoveries.  Not only did the fog from my clarity and perspective lift away, but I also got to meet my twin self which has helped me grow by leaps and bounds.  I received so much more than I asked for.  Thank you, Tara for sharing your knowledge and gifts with us.   Love and Blessings to you”.  Cynthia Tigerllilly


“Tara and I had a great session, full of energy and laughter.  What she revealed to me through use of numbers and her intuitive skill seemed as though she was watching a video of my life as it unfolded.  I have a better understanding of how and why things evolved in my life as they did. I’m amazed at how she touched on points in my life and how they tied into the numbers of my birth, pinpointing my qualities and characteristics – zeroed right in!  You don’t really think of numbers mirroring your life and it really gets you to thinking about all the numbers around us.

Tara confirmed my strength, stamina, and resilience as well as areas in need of my focus and attention (and a little work!)  I was thrilled to know I’ve learned many of the lessons or skills I was meant to learn through the choices I’ve made in this life. Places where I had doubts have now been cleared up – like being on a path to a specific destination.  You can take many detours but the point is, you’ll still wind up at your destination – where you are meant to be.  Getting there is the journey you’re on and how you choose to travel is up to you.   My session with Tara is additional confirmation I’ve handled my life well:   I like who I am, who I’ve become and who I’m yet to be!  Thanks so much Tara”                   Melodie Licht  Hangout Professor, Austin Texas


 “We recently used Tara’s services for a corporate event.  She was very professional to deal with and did a wonderful job.  The prices for her services were well worth the cost and we will most likely be using her again in the near future!  She was punctual and energetic and the guests really enjoyed it!  I would highly recommend Tara’s services to anyone!”  Johnell Huebner, Proprietress Event Coordinator, Clearly Classy Events


“I had the pleasure of experiencing a mini-session with Tara as part of her workshop, The Magical Matrix. Using her intuition, along with the techniques of Matrix Energetics and participation from the others attending the class, Tara facilitated some great insights and very beneficial movement of energy.  I found her skills to be exceptional and the session to be both fun and enlightening.”  Sara Blumenfled,  “The Creation Coach”


“Glorious, way beyond my expectations”    Sharon H.


“Tara’s reading is right on target. She gave me many insights into my strengths and weaknesses and how I might make better use of what I’m good at.  She had some great advice on what I should expect this year and what directions I might consider in my life. I am grateful for her helpful advice”.    Dianne Bartlett, Keller Williams


“Tara is a very professional when working with her clients and attentive to their specific needs”.   Emma F.












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