PSYCHIC TAROT CARD READING– During the Readings, I use Tarot Cards and Crystals for focus and to help amplify the Messages, Visions and Feelings.  You can ask the questions that are foremost on your mind.  The cards pulled for your private reading impart special messages, Insights and Answers to your questions.

In addition,  as a Channel and Intuitive, I will interpret the card’s significance for you specifically.  As a Medium, those that have past may want to impart their own messages.  If your reading is by phone, you’ll receive emailed pictures of cards chosen  so you can view during the reading and have for future references.  These readings are lot of Fun and very Insightful!

PSYCHIC NUMEROLOGY READING– The numbers in your birth name and birthdate tell a great deal.  As an Psychic  Numerologist,  Channel and Empath, Tara inspires you to see your strengths, innate abilities, and best timing.  We each came into this life with special blueprints to serve a Unique Purpose.

A session with Tara will help you navigate through your life to feel more ease and success, understand how to create more prosperity and bridge special relationships. She will help identify Past Life strengths and the correlations that influence our lives and those around us.  Reveal personal growth highways/ timing to make important decisions!  

COACHING, ENVISION YOUR POTENTIAL– Are you wanting to see your desires now?!  Your career, money, relationships, spiritual growth?  In this session, Tara asks you questions on how you want your life to look.  Even if you are not sure, she will help you get more clarity and remove hidden blocks…many that come from childhood thinking.  Tara will expand on your innate gifts and talents with unconditional love.  You will be able to feel and see your life as you want it to be now, in the present moment.  This session will enable you to manifest in much more lightening speed!

 INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT- Are you wanting to feel more intuitive?  Know how your intuitive hunches can serve you and help you make better choices?  In this session, Tara will start with a short but imaginative meditation to open up your senses and help you meet your higher self/guides/angels.  You will also have the opportunity to discern with her to see how you gain your information, whether you are clairvoyant (seeing), clairsentient (feeling), claircognizant (knowing) or clairaudient (hearing).   And the fun part of doing exercises to open your right brain intuition.  Remember, with intuition, no answer is wrong.  You have your own inner compass!   (Click the above orange SCHEDULE NOW! button to order a reading)

*PET READINGS– A reading for your beloved pet provides insight, clarity, address issues of concern and psychic guidance regarding people’s relationship with their pets, how you can better communicate with them, and what they want You to know.   Crossed over pets often show up and are welcome!

$25 for 15 minute reading,  $2.00 a minute for each additional minute


$125 an hour ( if outside of Austin, special rates will apply) 2 hour minimum

10 to 125 people Includes Psychic, Numerology, Tarot Card and Pet Readings

*LECTURES– Price depends on location and length.  Please call for details.